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Cutting edge terminal services for cost-effective logistics management

The team here at Transmaritime can handle clients’ entire product delivery process with their broad array of CY – CFS services. Our dedicated staff offers over 35 years’ experience within this area, and therefore provides the very epitome of business professionalism at every stage of the process. We understand that the modern shipping company must have access to the very best in business services; therefore we now offer a full selection of terminal handling services to meet our clients’ business needs with precision.

One area in which we truly specialize is in offering services directly to steamship lines. We help our clients to facilitate their traffic to and from Mexico through the port of Laredo, El Paso and Hidalgo while serving them with a full-suite of terminal services that help to ensure streamlined logistics solutions for all modern company needs.

In addition, we offer a great range of container storage solutions including services for both loaded and empty containers and lifting, stacking and grounding of both loaded and empty containers within our freight station.

Our exquisite range of terminal services is now available to help your business succeed with its logistics demands.

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Our current suite of terminal services now includes:

Consolidated Freight

Licensed and Bonded for Delivering High Efficiency LCL Services

Transmaritime, Inc. is widely recognized as the only CFS (Container Freight Station) serving clients across Laredo, Brownsville and Pharr, TX. We proudly handle LCL(Less than Container Load) freight by offering high level solutions for our clients’ freight handling needs.

Within our cutting-edge CFS infrastructure, client containers are filled and aggregated/segregated for import/export to customers. With over two decades of experience to our name within this growing industry, Transmaritime, Inc. has become one of the most popular choices for the proactive Texas shipping customer. In our work to continue to serve the marketplace, the installation of ports across the region has allowed us to develop our brand and meet the needs of those further afield.

As one of the industry’s most prominent logistics specialists, we currently serve clients such as NVOCC’s, CFS and International Freight Forwarders with a great range of options for their unique business needs. Our team is second-to-none within the industry in terms of offering shipping across the Texas border. We have experienced, bi-lingual employees ready to address customer business requirements at a moment’s notice with years of industry expertise as their working foundation.

As our organization grows, so does our catalogue of solutions. Transmaritime, Inc. is your ideal partner for cost-effective, high priority logistics. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Our current services now include:

US Customs Solutions

Experts in international import/export systems

As the global economy grows, growth of companies across world markets depends on expedient clearance of their products through major ports. This high-speed efficiency requires a core understanding of international transit and a professional working integration with US Customs systems. That’s where Transmaritime, Inc. is a pioneer in the field.

Headquartered in the heart of the international Commercial District for the Port of Laredo, we take great pride in being a leader of international commerce. Our US customs bonded CFS is considered a leading foreign trade zone. In addition, we offer over 115,000sq ft. of US customs bonded warehouse space to our clientele.

We have the experience to help you deliver outstanding service to your customer base – Contact us today to learn how we can build your ideal logistics solution.

One of the key strengths within our international logistics services is that our organization is located perfectly to deliver products for our clients either on an interstate or intrastate basis, as well as offering direct deliveries within Mexico. This means that companies that partner with Transmaritime, Inc. will gain access to a highly capable logistics infrastructure that prioritizes their business needs at every step of the product delivery process.

We partner with US Customs to provide our clientele with a streamlined logistics mechanism that drives delivery efficiency. Our inventory accuracy and timeliness of cargo data delivery make the organization the best choice for Texas shippers moving bonded cargo along US borders.

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